BED relates to intimacy, sexuality, relationships. BED knows the deepest secrets. BED saw you naked. BED is a comfort zone. In BED you feel warm and safe. BED is for chill-out, pleasure, relax, recovering, dreaming, re-collecting, digesting experiences, uniting, letting the unconscious talk, forgetting, ending and starting.

As that, BED is a metaphor standing for therapeutic relationship.

BREAKSLOW is a re-defined breakfast. FAST is replaced by SLOW to celebrate every moment and enjoy every bite. BREAKSLOW is the first meal of a day and as that it is an always new beginning and opportunity for a change.  Hence you can also read it as BREAK SLOW- slowly break routines that stay on the way to happiness, fulfillment and success.

As that, BREAKSLOW is a synonym of psychotherapy.

Put it together and you find BED & BREAKSLOW that is a word play with bed and breakfast- popular way of travelling allowing you to stay very close to people.

Now, it is clear why Hania Hakiel; a Berlin-based psychologist, calls her professional psychological and psychotherapeutic services BED & BREAKSLOW.  Psychotherapy and counselling comes accompanied by delicious homemade food and seasonal beverages, because she believes that there is no happy psyche without a comforted body.

BED & BREAKSLOW is her life and practice philosophy that puts into the limelight the most intimate needs of a person and gives all necessary time and attention to discover them and nourish.

Seat back and enjoy your meal!


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